Rates and conditions


Our rates per line for the most common European languages range between EUR 1.40 and EUR 1.80, depending on the particular language, field and urgency. All rates are quoted without statutory VAT. We will be pleased to make you a non-binding offer for a specific delivery date.

Rates for non-European languages are provided on request.

Calculation of standard lines:

A standard line comprises 53 characters including spaces. The number of characters is determined by dividing the number of characters counted within MS Word by 53. This ensures that only the standard lines delivered are counted, irrespective of font size, formatting, tables etc. The number of standard lines is determined on the basis of the target text (i.e. the translation).

Provision of text:

Ideally you will send us an editable version of the text that you want translated (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) by e-mail. You will receive the translated text in the same format. We also accept PDF files. If you only have a paper copy of the text, you can photograph or scan it, send it by post or deliver it personally.


We naturally treat your documents as confidential. If you wish, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement. You are welcome to have a look at our data protection statement.


Most of the people working with us are publicly appointed and sworn translators. If you need a certified translation of your text or an official document for the authorities, we can arrange this for you. Simply provide us with a legible copy of the text (scanned or photographed) as an image file by e-mail, send us the original by post, or bring it personally to our office in Munich. You will receive the certified translation plus the invoice and original document (if applicable) by post by the specified deadline. You can alternatively pick them up from our office. We charge a certification fee of EUR 5 – 10 per document, depending on the number of documents and pages involved.